Our approach focuses our capabilities on your plant objective. The study program can cover a full scope of plant equipment and components, or be as specific as the individual system you name. Whether the scope you select is plant-wide or systems-particular, we use a proven study sequence that yields verifiable results. Our service recommendations are directed to the specific operating objectives you choose to achieve. But comprehensive service does not end with studies, recommendations, and choices. Armed with the Plant Inspection and Evaluation results, you will be prepared to make a fully informed choice on the course of service you select. Here too, we can respond with wide-ranging services:

- Inspection and testing that use advanced, fully validated techniques.
- Evaluation based on experienced engineering judgments and computerized analytical systems.
- Recommendations developed from studying a particular system and operation experience of similar units.
- Cost of analysis of the investment required for each recommendation.
-Clear definition of the potential benefits for each recommendation

We know that the values of our inspection, evaluation, and hands-on services will continue to appreciate as a growing majority of worldwide generating capacity matures. Industry studies consistently show that more than 15-20 years of plant systems in service tend to experience frequent problems. The cost of power production goes up — availability and reliability go down. Those trends can be reversed. Our plant-specific evaluation discovers the problem cause. Your operation goals become once again achievable through alternative service and investment recommendations.

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